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Canyon Lake Guild

"Providing enjoyable music to our community

and complimentary programs that promote quality entertainment."

2023 Tribute Concert Schedule

[email protected]

HOLIDAY BAY ROOM - Canyon Lake Lodge

Saturday July 22nd - 7:00pm

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Events are subject to approval by state and local health authorities 



Smooth Sounds of Santana

The Guild would like to welcome back the #1 rated Santana tribute band in the country which will be performing at the Canyon Lake Lodge Saturday, July 22nd at 7pm due to Serpentine Fire cancelling on us. Once again, this will be another sold-out concert. “Smooth Sounds of Santana” will feature burning renditions of classics such as “Evil Ways,” "Black Magic Woman," "Oye Como Va," and of course, “Smooth.”

These talented musicians will capture the multicultural sound and spirit that have made Santana a rock radio mainstay for decades. The audience will hear all of Santana’s greatest hits classics that will have even the most die-hard fans reminiscing about ‘back in the day”. From the tone of the guitars to the sound of the keyboard and Latin percussion, this retrospective-style show finds that iconic “Santana” sound. “Smooth Sounds” performs tunes from all eras of Santana's storied career; from the group's early Woodstock days almost 54 years ago, to Santana’s more recent smash hits. Santana pioneered a highly original fusion of rock, salsa, jazz and blues. The band's sound features his melodic, blues-based guitar lines set against congas and timbales not generally heard in rock music.

If you like Santana, you’ll love this concert. They offer the look, sound and feel of an actual “Santana concert”. Every song in the set will not only be recognizable, but probably played a special role in the lives of our audience.

“Smooth Sounds” founder Gary Albano established a simple stated mission; “To faithfully recreate the music of one of the greatest guitar players ever, Carlos Santana.” The seven gifted musicians that make up this band say that they give it all up on stage. Like so many Guild events, “Smooth Sounds of Santana” is likely to sell out fast

Canyon Lake Guild

23066-8 Canyon Lake Drive S.

Canyon Lake, CA 92587